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We are very excited to announce a fabulous Mindfulness for Parents workshop with Nicola Russell of Mindful Mindful Panda

Do you feel the need for a peaceful environment at home? Less shouting, tempers, anger, slamming of doors? Less grounding your children, and banning them from the Xbox! No matter how old your children are, this workshop will give you the tools to keep calm.

Don't know where to start?

Join me in my five simple steps program for stressed parents. Engage in mindfulness at home with your children. Bring an understanding, connection. Peace.

There are no miracles, it takes work and commitment. Having the tools, knowledge is the greatest way forward in creating a difference. Join me in this one day workshop held in the peaceful Relaxation Room at The Reef. 

Limited spaces. Up to eight people, light snacks and drinks included.

I hope to see you there. Thursday 24th January, 10am-2pm. 

Nicola, Mindful Mindful Panda 

For your ticket

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Can you imagine starting the new year feeling calm and relaxed? Feeling like you have more energy and motivation? More opportunities coming your way, welcoming increased happiness, and having a more positive outlook? Can you imagine being a part of a little community of other inspiring people?

Join me on the New Year, New Universe workshop 2019!

Why new universe? Your workshop helps to bring a great positive focus to you, your wants, and your wellbeing, and I truly believe that when we see the difference in ourselves, our whole universe around us can change. More opportunities come to us, more calm and peace, more confidence, and more content.

What does the online workshop offer? Your online workshop offers support and inspiring ideas for general mindset, health and wellbeing. I share what works for me, and what has also made a difference in those around me or who have worked with me. The workshop works well within the timeframe, but you can also do it in your own time as you will continue to have the support of the group ongoing from the 6 weeks. There will be suggestions for life planning, gratitude, healthy habits, creativeness, clarity, gently pushing the comfort zone, plus shared meditations and more.

Your online workshop runs for 6 weeks in the new year. We will have your Facebook group community ready to begin your workshop on Wednesday 2nd January until Wednesday 13th February - Your Facebook group will remain after then, for continued inspiration, community, positivity and support.

Your workshop is just a small investment of £29, and if you are one of the first 8 to sign up, you’ll receive a free copy of my gratitude journal (£12.99 available on Amazon) to support your new year of positivity and blessings.

Sign up today! 

I can’t wait for you to join me and to welcome a fantastic 2019 with me!