Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - Small (Collection only)

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IMG_0051 copy.JPG

Himalayan Rock Salt Lamp - Small (Collection only)


Himalayan Crystal Rocak Salt Lamp

We recently shared a video on Facebook at the end of last year and had many people asking us where they can get hold of one.

We are excited to announce that we now stock these fabulous lamps!! They are beautiful, natural rock salt lamps that give off a gorgeous glow to your room. Not only that, but the natural benefits from these lamps are HUGE:

* Improves mood and helps with anxiety
* Reduces allergy and asthma symptoms
* Allows for better sleep
* Increases energy levels
* Reduces stress and helps prevent depression
* Relieves migraine headaches
* Increases focus and concentration
* Neutralises electromagnetic radiation
* Purifies bacteria from the air
* Creates a feng shui vibe

PLEASE NOTE: These are available for collection only, so please choose this option when purchasing.

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