Gentle and effective specialist waxing...

Hot wax is ultra-gentle and effective. The low temperature hot wax is a pliable wax providing a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra comfort. Excellent for even sensitive skins, it leaves less redness and irritation, and results last longer. Our expert waxers ensure that you're in safe hands.

Full Leg                           38.00*   

Three Quarter Leg    30.00*  

Half Leg                          25.00*   

Brazilian                         30.00     

Playboy                           38.00  

Hollywood                      40.00    

Bikini                               20.00   

Underarm                      15.00   

Lip OR Chin                   12.00   

Lip AND Chin              18.00   

Eyebrows                         15.00   

Full Arm                          22.00*  

Half Arm                          20.00*  

Back OR Chest            30.00*   

* Gentle Strip Wax used for these areas

Thank you for your calming nature today. You really put me at ease. Really happy with my waxing
— Amy, Kingshill

 Explanation of Advanced Bikini waxes:
Brazilian: Extended/high bikini line leaving a narrow strip of hair from front to back of bikini area
Playboy: All hair removed front to back of the bikini area, leaving a small vertical strip at the front
Hollywood: All hair removed from front to back of the bikini area