Clare has always has a huge passion for the beauty and spa industry, and delivering treatments to a high standard with a personalised approach. Having started out as a beauty therapist working in various leading salons and spas, Clare then went on to create The Reef.

Clare is now a judge for the national Professional Beauty Awards, the World Spa & Wellness Awards, Kent Health & Beauty Awards, and also on the board of the UK Spa Association.

Enjoy expert treatments with professional advice from Clare. Currently available Saturdays.


Exclusive rituals with Clare Cockell

Rainforest Rituals
These massage rituals will take you far away on an experience of relaxation and revitalisation. The peaceful sounds of the rainforest will subtly fill your treatment room along with your personally picked aroma oils. Massage begins with a heated bamboo foot ritual. Clare specialises in deep tissue massage, can apply firm pressure and focus on specific tension areas
Rainforest Body 55 minutes  85.00  |  Back 40 minutes  60.00  |  Back 25 minutes  50.00
Book online 24/7 Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

Ultimate De-Stress Rituals
The perfect treatment when you're in need of a de-stress, a little time out, and focus on well-being in day to day life. De-Stress Rituals start with a soothing leg and foot focus, before easing tensions in the body and mind with a back, scalp, and head massage. These rituals also include an in depth consultation, so please allow extra time from the treatment time
Ultimate De-Stress Body 55 minutes  80.00  |  Back 40 minutes  60.00
Book online 24/7 Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here

Relax and Glow Ultimate De-Stress Ritual
Ultimate indulgence in relaxation, de-stressing, with brightening skincare results included. This top treatment combines the De-Stress Body Ritual with a luxury facial suited to your individual needs and targeting specific skin concerns
1 hour 50 minutes  140.00
Book online 24/7 book here. 

'Such a relaxing massage - Clare has the ability to sense how I'm feeling and so the massage feels just what I need on the day. She's an intuitive therapist. Thank you!' ~ Jane


The Reef's Signature Deep Tissue Massage
A massage that is both relaxing and targeted to ease any tensions, aches, and pains. Your therapist will help you chose the most suitable oil for your needs and concerns on the day, whether it be to relax and de-stress, focus on muscle aches, or as a detox and energy boost. This massage is perfect if you like a firmer pressure, our therapists use a variety of techniques to really target specific tension areas, including the use of elbows and forearms
Full Body 55 minutes  78.00   |   Back 40 minutes  58.00   |   Back 25 minutes  45.00
Book online 24/7 Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

JustBe Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy Massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation with aroma testing means you will receive a unique treatment to suit your needs. Relaxing massage with a pressure to suit
Body inc. Face & Scalp 1 hour 20 minutes  100.00    |   Body 55 minutes  78.00   |  Back 40 minutes  58.00  |  Back 25 minutes  45.00
Book online 24/7 Body 1hr20m: book here.  Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

Tropical Raindrops Candle Massage
The warmed cacao body butter candle is drizzled on to the skin. It deeply nourishes the skin and leaves a beautiful aroma. Your therapist will use massage techniques to ease tension in the muscles and relax the mind  
Body 55 minutes  78.00   |   Back 40 minutes 58.00   |   Back 25 minutes  45.00
Book online 24/7 Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

Sportsman Leg Reviver
A targeted leg and foot massage to ease tension in the calves, thighs and feet. Perfect if you run or cycle regularly, or after a particular event or training session
25 minutes  45.00
Book online 24/7 book here. 


Facial treatments

Back and Facial Treat
Using the luxurious Elemis products, this treatment gives the tension releasing and soothing results of the Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage combined with the relaxation and brightening results of the Fresh Skin Facial. Includes a welcome Thai foot ritual and de-stressing scalp massage  
1 hour 10 minutes  85.00
Book online 24/7 book here. 

Fresh Skin Facial
Our most popular facial for a little relaxation or as a gift to a friend, this facial will be tailored specifically for your needs, giving your skin a boost while allowing you to drift into a world of relaxation! Using luxury leading spa brand Elemis, we begin this treatment with a pampering foot ritual using hot mitts. Facial also includes a facial and eye massage, scalp massage, hand and arm massage
55 minutes  70.00
Book online 24/7 book here. 

'Clare went the extra mile to make me feel comfortable and relaxed. She listened to everything I said and worked her magic :) I am truly pleased' ~ Liane


Lycon chocolate wax is ultra-gentle and effective. The low temperature hot wax is a pliable wax providing a nurturing and skin conditioning treatment for extra comfort. Excellent for even sensitive skins, it leaves less redness and irritation, and results last longer. The Reef's therapists are expert waxers, rest assured you're in safe hands

Full Leg                           45.00*     Book online 24/7 book here. 

Half Leg                          30.00*     Book online 24/7 book here. 

Brazilian                         38.00       Book online 24/7 book here. 

Playboy                           43.00       Book online 24/7 book here. 

Hollywood                      49.00       Book online 24/7 book here. 

Back OR Chest              35.00*     Book online 24/7  Back: book here.  Chest: book here. 

* Gentle Strip Wax used for these areas



Eyebrow Tint and Wax   35.00      Book online 24/7 book here. 

'My de-stress massage with Clare was wonderful. I walked out feeling much less tense. The advice given to me was so helpful too.' Rebecca

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Clare Cockell

I look forward to welcoming and treating you very soon. Warm well wishes.