Our signature Rituals provide an added indulgent experience for truly deep relaxation and well-being, which will leave you feeling completely revived and renewed with an sense of inner peace and tranquility. These rituals include a comforting wellness consultation, music to suit your experience, and offer benefits long after you leave us.

Cleansing Waves Ritual
Renewing positivity, Cleansing Waves is like cleansing the old and welcoming the new. After your consultation and relaxation focus, your therapist will introduce a refreshing lime foot cleanse and Himalayan salt foot scrub to ground you and balance your body. Subtle stretches, supported by your therapist, help to ease and loosen the muscles prior to massage. A soothing scalp massage helps you to blissfully relax and removes stresses from the mind, then enjoy a hand and arm massage to release tensions. A massage on the backs of your legs is performed as heated Himalayan rock salt stones warm your back, help aid sleep, improve mood, and instil calm. Finally, your back massage. Suited to your areas of concern, your back massage is both relaxing and muscle melting. During this ritual we use an oil blend with clary sage and frankincense, plus an aroma of white sage, and welcome tea with sage and lemon myrtle; all theses aromas and ingredients fit perfectly with this ritual as they are known to remove negative energies, alleviate stress and anxiety, naturally relieve depression, reduce pain and inflammation, and deeply calm and relax. Trust that with the expertise and care from your therapist in each moment of this ritual, you will feel light as air, lifted in weight and energy, and ready to face the world going forwards.
Full experience 2 hours  120.00

Tropical Raindrops Ritual
The Tropical Raindrops Ritual has an added focus on the third eye, our sixth sense, to feel enlightened and bring strength and focus to future intentions. After your consultation and relaxation focus, your therapist will start your ritual journey with a facial cleanser followed by a mini shirodhara, an ancient Ayurvedic treatment, which drizzles warm oil on the forehead and third eye and into the hair, whilst performing a super soothing scalp massage. The facial treatment continues with an exfoliation and mask to hydrate and brighten the skin, with a hot foot mitt and massage to ground, and release tensions from the soles. When you turn over, your therapist will ease the muscles on the back of your body with a massage on the back of the legs and back. During this ritual we use warm cacao flower candles to massage. Your welcome tea is green tea with mango and lychee; a tropical taste with antioxidant benefits which increase energy levels, concentration and mood. The ritual ensures you are left feeling confident, positive, relieved of any stresses, relaxed, with an inner zen.
Full experience 2 hours  120.00

Rainforest Ritual
Just like standing in a rainforest storm, this ritual will be invigorating, and revitalising, yet so relaxing you'll feel like you're floating on air. After your consultation and relaxation focus, your ritual will ease you in to relaxation with the bamboo foot massage. You will then be treated to a skin softening body scrub with nourishing coconut oil and Himalayan rock salt. Your skin will feel silky soft after you've rinsed under the shower. Return to the warm cosy treatment bed for your therapist to apply the beautiful oriental mask with lemongrass, aloe, and green tea, to your back whilst your legs are massaged with a muscle warming body oil containing cinnamon and clove. Your mask is removed with heated mitts and your soothing back massage follows. When you turn over you will feel super relaxed as your therapist finishes the experience with a face and scalp massage. Truly dreamy. The essential oils and ingredients used in this ritual stimulate circulation, eliminate toxins, ease the muscles, relieve stress and anxiety, and detoxify the mind, body, and soul. Your welcome tea is cinnamon spice and honey; renewing and relaxing with warmth from a distant paradise.  
Full experience 2 hours  120.00


garden of england.jpg


The Garden of England Ritual
Being in the beautiful 'Garden of England', we are keeping with our heritage on this one. A beautiful ritual for luxurious indulgence and relaxation. Your journey begins with a consultation over your nourishing and sole smoothing foot ritual with coconut oil, salt scrub, and rose petals. Then, unwind on your cosy treatment bed with a warm lavender pillow around your neck to ease tensions and warm the mind as your therapist massages your legs with a soothing body oil with lavender which is perfect to de-stress, heal, and improve sleep. The massage continues with a relaxing back massage, which also alleviates any aches and pains. When you turn over, you will be treated to a blissful rose facial to hydrate and brighten skin, a nourishing foot mask, foot massage, and a scalp massage which is Heaven sent. The ritual is finished with chocolate dipped strawberries in the relaxation room. 
90 minutes   90.00
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