Sports Massage and Deep Tissue Massage with Caroline Griffin

Caroline is a sports massage practitioner who can offer sports massage for injury, maintenance, pre and post events, plus deep tissue massage for well-being.

Book with Caroline between 10.00am-8.30pm on Tuesdays, and 9.30pm-5.30pm on Saturdays

Sports Massage
Perfect to target any concerns or injuries and keep good mobility. Sports massage is good to cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance, maintain the body in a better condition, prevent injury and loss of mobility, reduce pain and improve tissue elasticity, extend life of sporting career, and break down scar tissue. Also good for tense and ache muscles. Treatment includes an initial assessment.
1 hour 60.00
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Deep Tissue Massage
A relaxed treatment that is targeted to specific concerns and tension areas with a sport massage practitioner knowledge and experience.
1 hour 60.00
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40 minutes Back/Targeted Areas 45.00
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Light and Lively Legs
A targeted massage to help tired, heavy, and restless legs. This treatment is perfect for boosting circulation, helping with fluid retention, and energising the legs.
45 minutes  45.00
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Cellulite Treatment
Great for helping to break down and improve the appearance of cellulite in those problem areas. Mainly focused on the legs and bottom areas, hips and 'love handles' can also be treated. Treatment will start with an initial consultation to discuss treatment results. 
25 minutes 35.00
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Please note: The Reef gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on any of these treatments