Nicola found herself on an amazing journey of healing which has opened her mind and empowered her to help others feel amazing - Emotionally, mentally and physically. 

Nicola builds a connection with you to help enlighten you on your life's journey and bring clarity and enable you to have clearer judgements. You will be left feeling an inner sense of peace. 

Through Nicola's intuition, treatments will be personal and suited to your needs.

Reiki Healing
The Japanese word 'Reiki' literally translates as universal life force energy. This system of healing was developed by Mikao Usui in the early 20th century. Hands hover over the body, as Reiki energy balances chakras and offers healing. Reiki can provide deep relaxation and promote a calm, peaceful sense of well being which will leave harmony restored.
45 minutes   50.00
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Crystal Healing
Crystal therapy is an ancient healing system which offers a relaxing treatment through the placement of crystals on the body. It is a relaxing, natural and calming treatment to leave you feeling refreshed, restored and de-stressed. Ideal for supporting wellbeing. Crystal therapy is based on the idea that crystals can, in a sense, communicate with the energies flowing around the human body. The healing vibrations interact with the body's energy to remove blockages and restore a healthy flow to the mind and body. Treatment is individual to you, to offer a unique healing power, crystals are then placed on different areas of the body to stimulate energy.
60 minutes   65.00
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Angel Card Reading
Angel card readings are perfect to offer guidance and support. Thought to access the energies of angelic beings; Angel messages offer encouragement and positivity which can help calm your mind and deal with any challenges
45 minutes   45.00
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