These treatments are the ones we find most popular for our male clientele, however there are many more treatments throughout our offering that you can enjoy. Feel free to browse other treatments and contact us if you have any questions

The Reef’s Signature Deep Tissue Massage
A tension-easing massage to relax achy muscles, detoxify and improve circulation. A massage designed to suit your needs; We will choose the perfect oil blend and massage style. Ideal if you like a firmer pressure; The Reef therapists use a variety of techniques to really target specific tension areas, including the use of elbows and forearms
Full Body 55 minutes  62.00   |   Back 40 minutes  47.00   |   Back 25 minutes  36.00
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The best massage on the planet and I have been to many countries. Thank you very much.
— Steven, Maidstone

Hot Stone Massage
Volcanic, basalt stones have been used since ancient times because of their healing properties. Beginning with aroma testing to help identify your needs, this highly therapeutic massage uses aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension and give maximum relaxation. The warmth of the stones penetrate your muscles to soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and your body feel rejuvenated  
Body 1 hour 10 minutes  72.00   |   Back 40 minutes  48.00   |   Back 25 minutes  37.00
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Fresh Skin Facial
A facial tailored specifically for your needs, giving your skin a boost whilst allowing you to relax. Using leading skincare brand, Elemis, we begin this treatment with a tension-easing foot ritual. Facial also includes a facial and eye massage, scalp massage, hand and arm massage
55 minutes  60.00
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ELEMIS Taster Facial
Facial tailored to your skin’s needs; this facial starts with hot mitts on the feet and a relaxing Thai foot ritual, and includes a scalp or hand and arm massage  
25 minutes  37.00
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Men’s Luxury Manicure
The complete hand and nail treatment to energise and refresh. Hands will be soaked, cuticles tidied, then a moisture scrub softens the skin. An illuminating masque and a luxurious massage soften and relax. Nails are tidied to perfection
30 minutes  28.00
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Men’s Luxury Pedicure
Marine botanicals and sea salts to energise, while quartz crystals and menthol to cool, refresh and revitalize - like a brisk walk in the surf. Feet are cleansed, then exfoliated, followed by a cooling Marine Masque. Finally a massage using hydrating oil completes the treatment and the nails are tidied to perfection
40 minutes 35.00
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Always a quality service and lovely chats to top it off. Will be back for more as always.
— Oliver, Sevenoaks

Leg Reviver
A targeted leg and foot massage to ease tension in the calves, thighs and feet. Perfect if you run or cycle regularly, or after a particular event or training session
25 minutes  38.00
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Sports Massage with Caroline Griffin
Perfect to target any concerns or injuries and keep good mobility. Sports massage is good to cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance, maintain the body in a better condition, prevent injury and loss of mobility, reduce pain and improve tissue elasticity, extend life of sporting career, and break down scar tissue. Also good for tense and ache muscles. Treatment includes an initial assessment.
1 hour  60.00