Looking for something truly de-stressing, to relax, rejuvenate and revive you?

It’s not just a massage... it’s a massage at The Reef

JustBe Aromatherapy Massage
Aromatherapy Massage is essential, professional and specific, using a blend of individually chosen oils. A personal consultation with aroma testing means you will receive a unique treatment to suit your needs. Relaxing massage with a pressure to suit
Body inc. Face & Scalp 1 hour 20 minutes  85.00    |   Body 55 minutes  62.00   |  Back 40 minutes  47.00  |  Back 25 minutes  36.00
Book online 24/7 Body 1hr 20m: book here.  Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

The Reef's Signature Deep Tissue Massage
A massage that is both relaxing and targeted to ease any tensions, aches, and pains. Your therapist will help you chose the most suitable oil for your needs and concerns on the day, whether it be to relax and de-stress, focus on muscle aches, or as a detox and energy boost. This massage is perfect if you like a firmer pressure, our therapists use a variety of techniques to really target specific tension areas, including the use of elbows and forearms
Body inc. Face & Scalp 1 hour 20 minutes  85.00   |   Full Body 55 minutes  62.00   |   Back 40 minutes  47.00   |   Back 25 minutes  36.00
Book online 24/7Body 1hr 20m: book here Body 55m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

Couples Massage
Time out with a loved one is precious. Time to stop and relax together is just perfect. The pressure with the massage can be applied to suit you each individually and this can be enjoyed in separate treatment rooms, or the double treatment room together. Afterwards, why not spend a little time enjoying a tea in the relaxation room
Full Body 55 minutes for two  115.00
Book online 24/7book here.

In need of a warming massage?

JustBe Hot Stone Massage
Volcanic, basalt stones have been used since ancient times because of their healing properties. Beginning with a calm sensory test to help identify your needs, this highly therapeutic massage uses aromatherapy oils and warm volcanic stones to relieve deep muscle tension and give maximum relaxation. The warmth of the stones penetrate your muscles to soothe aches and pains, helping you to unwind and your body feel rejuvenated  
Body 1 hour 10 minutes  75.00   |   Back 40 minutes  48.00   |   Back 25 minutes  38.00
Book online 24/7 Body 1hr10m: book here.  Back 40m: book here.  Back 25m: book here.

Wish to extend your massage slightly or add something on?

Add ons... (Available to add on to another massage or facial treatment) 

  • 10 minute face and neck massage 10.00 book here

  • 10 minute scalp massage 10.00 book here

  • 10 minute neck and shoulder focus 10.00 book here

  • 10 minute foot massage 10.00 book here

  • 15 minute foot scrub and massage 15.00 book here

  • 5 minutes Hydra gel eye masks to brighten, plump, and boost the eye area 5.00 book here

  • 10 minute Hydratone Mask infused with collagen, hyaluronic and rose water to deeply nourish 15.00 book here

I have had many massages but this was definitely one of the best!
— James, Sevenoaks

Body and Facial Treat
The ultimate indulgence; This luxury treatment combines a muscle and mind melting body massage with the Fresh Skin Facial to boost your skin and suit your needs. Includes a welcome Thai foot ritual and de-stressing scalp massage  
1 hour 50 minutes 110.00
Book online 24/7: book here.  

Back and Facial Treat
This treatment gives the tension releasing and soothing results of the back massage, combined with the relaxation and brightening results of the Fresh Skin Facial. Includes a welcome Thai foot ritual and de-stressing scalp massage  
1 hour 10 minutes  70.00
Book online 24/7 book here.

Just a sublime tension-easing scalp massage for you?

 Heading to Paradise Scalp Massage
An intensely nourishing hair and scalp treatment for deep relaxation. Leaves hair soft and smooth. Soothes and nourishes your scalp, plus strengthens, and promotes healthy, glossy, manageable hair  
40 minutes  47.00   |   25 minutes  36.00
Book online 24/7 40m: book here.  25m: book here.

Sportsman Leg Reviver
A targeted leg and foot massage to ease tension in the calves, thighs and feet. Perfect if you run or cycle regularly, or after a particular event or training session
25 minutes  45.00
Book online 24/7 book here.

The Reef's Signature Create Your Own Treatment
Your Very Own Pampering Treatment. Create your own treatment and enjoy ultimate perfection
Choose any of the following options to add up to 60 minutes, 40 minutes, or 30 minutes (depending which treatment time you are choosing):

  • Hand and Arm Massage 10 mins

  • Leg and Foot Massage 10 mins/20 mins

  • Tension-easing Back and Shoulder Massage 10 mins/20 mins

  • Heavenly Scalp Massage 10 mins/20 mins

  • Detoxifying Tummy Massage 10 mins

  • Facial and Eye Massage 10 mins

  • Warming Hot Stones Back Massage 10 mins/20 mins/30 mins

  • Facial Cleanse, Tone, Exfoliate, Mask and Scalp Massage 20 mins

  • Smoothing Back Cleanse and Scrub 10 mins

  • Floating Foot Scrub and Massage 20 mins

  • Invigorating Thigh Massage 20 mins
    60 minutes 65.00
    40 minutes 49.00
    30 minutes 38.00


Caroline is a sports massage practitioner who can offer sports massage for injury, maintenance, pre and post events, plus deep tissue massage for well-being.

Book with Caroline between 10.00am-8.30pm on Tuesdays, and 9.30pm-5.30pm on Saturdays

Sports Massage
Perfect to target any concerns or injuries and keep good mobility. Sports massage is good to cure and restore mobility to injured muscle tissue, boost performance, maintain the body in a better condition, prevent injury and loss of mobility, reduce pain and improve tissue elasticity, extend life of sporting career, and break down scar tissue. Also good for tense and ache muscles. Treatment includes an initial assessment.
1 hour 60.00
Book online

Deep Tissue Massage
A relaxed treatment that is targeted to specific concerns and tension areas with a sport massage practitioner knowledge and experience.
1 hour 60.00
Book online
40 minutes Back/Targeted Areas 45.00
Book online

Light and Lively Legs
A targeted massage to help tired, heavy, and restless legs. This treatment is perfect for boosting circulation, helping with fluid retention, and energising the legs.
45 minutes  45.00
Book online

Cellulite Treatment
Great for helping to break down and improve the appearance of cellulite in those problem areas. Mainly focused on the legs and bottom areas, hips and 'love handles' can also be treated. Treatment will start with an initial consultation to discuss treatment results. 
25 minutes 35.00
Book online

Please note: The Reef gift vouchers cannot be redeemed on treatments with Caroline