Want to smooth out those lines? Plump out your skin?

The Reef would like to introduce The Reef Clinic with Dr. Chris Cranston


Dr. Cranston works locally as a GP. He is a member of 'Royal College of General Practitioners' and has had a vast surgical experience during his career. 

Dr. Cranston is also a Member of 'Royal College of Surgeons (London)'. 

Now offering services at The Reef Clinic for Non Surgical treatment of wrinkles. With high standards and good experience in various fillers and muscle relaxaning injectable treatments, he only likes to offer the best products, and therefore use Allergan Products. 

Treatments include wrinkle relaxing injections to the upper face and Dermal Fillers to the lower face

25.00 (Redeemable against treatment)

Facial Injectables

Any one area                  200.00
(Glabella i.e frown lines OR forehead OR crows feet)  

Any 2 areas                    225.00

All 3 areas                      250.00

Axillary Hyperhidrosis   400.00
(For Underarm Sweating)  

Dermal Fillers

1st Syringe                 300.00

2nd Syringe               200.00