Reflection and Resolutions

So, January has arrived. A time when we all look back and think over the past year and reflect. A time where our energy is renewed, and we feel a fresh new start, with new goals and aspirations. 

2017 for us was one of change. It wasn't necessarily an easy one, but a good one nonetheless. Change is generally an uncomfortable place to be, but change allows growth.



March saw us step on our Sevenoaks branch, allowing us to focus just on Maidstone. Although a tough decision, it was hard to say goodbye to so many lovely clients, see the salon move on, and change what began as a big dream. But life is all about change, moving, and growing. We needed to do what was best for the business and ourselves. For us, it was the right decision; it's allowed us to already make improvements and have further plans for Maidstone, it's given a better work/life balance, allowed me to launch my Moment Gratitude Journal (available through us and Amazon), and best of all is that we have seen some of our lovely Sevenoaks clients come and find us for a treat - that's meant the World to us.

So, what's on our radar for 2018?

In December, our 'Enchantment at The Reef' ritual was hugely popular. Along with the Winter Warmer, it was the one that most people chose in our limited edition Winter treats, and it was a huge hit, with great feedback on how it was such a blissful top to toe treat. This demand led on to a launch at the very beginning of this year, of our luxury rituals. Indulgent rituals that take into account a whole mind, body, and soul experience, allowing you to completely switch off and balance the mind.

By February we will be introducing the inclusion of skin analysis lamps to our facials. These ultraviolet lamps allow you to see the current situation of the skin - any areas of dehydration, oiliness, and so on. We can then assess how your skincare routine is working, and the best facial treatment for your visit and products to use. 

We are also soon to be announcing the launch of mindfulness meditation sessions and workshops. Mindfulness and meditation is proven to lower blood pressure, boost the immune system, and combat stress. It brings us appreciation, clarity, and a clearer mind. There is no judgement with mindfulness and meditation, it is available for anyone to practice and do. 

For 2018, we are also looking in particular at adding more advanced facials and skincare to our current offering. However, you can trust that, as always, we will be constantly striving to improve what we do and how we do it. We will never sit still. We love our industry and what we do. 

Looking back over the year I would like to extend thanks to our team. It's been a pleasure to be based back in the Maidstone office with our team, which is built of individuals who are each kind, thoughtful, funny, and have been hugely supportive towards the business and I in the changes we've had and the focus we have going forwards. I know they each are passionate about what they do, and love seeing you visit. Thanks girls! Much love!

I would also like to thank you for being part of The Reef, meaning we can enjoy what we do and have the opportunity to grow. As a team, we always love hearing your feedback and, of course, pampering you with our treatments, spa days, and luxury gifts. Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for supporting us and allowing us to continue. Without you, we are nothing.

We have enjoyed looking back and planning ahead, and hope you've managed to gain as much inspiration and appreciation by doing the same yourself at the change of year. We look forward to updating you further in due course about upcoming 2018 ventures.

Enjoy your weekend and we look forward to pampering you soon. Feel free to drop us a comment below sharing any thoughts you had or your own goals and reflection.

With love & gratitude,