Reef Well-Being: The Back Issue

The Reef's Well-being focus this month is the back. Most of us suffer with back aches and tensions at some point in our lives, so we thought we'd have a focus sharing top tips and recommendations to help improve, ease and heal back problems.


10 stretches to help with sciatica, hip and lower back pain via Curious Mind Magazine
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Yoga is amazing for the body and well-Being. Giving flexibility to muscles and improved posture. Our favourite yoga pose for back aches and tension is the Half Lord of the Fishes Pose. Click here to read more and find other useful poses perfect to ease the back via Yoga Journal

Massage is hugely beneficial and offers great results if suffering from back tensions, aches and pains. The deep tissue massage can help target key areas, break down lactic acid, whilst soothing the muscles with the pressure and increased heat to the area.

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Wheat bags are ideal to ease ashiness. Simply pop it in the microwave, then place around the neck or against tension areas on the back.

Heat helps the blood vessels dilate which then increases the flow of oxygen rich blood to the specific area. This also really helps with healing and acts as a pain reliever by stimulating pain receptors within the skin, which decreases the frequency of pain messages that are sent to the brain. Heat therapy also helps  to relax and loosen the tissue surrounding the area.  Ligaments, tendons and muscles can then move more easily. 

Perfect to easily use when watching TV, doing housework, etc. These can be found in most supermarkets/pharmacies with an RRP of approx. £10