Has it been a while? Wander into a calm treatment room and unwind body and mind


There's that niggling feeling in your back... You keep trying to stretch it out, hoping that will help. It may give a temporary release, but soon enough, there it is again.!

We know many people like this and hear often how someone has been meaning to visit and should've done much sooner. We agree, for your general wellbeing, happiness, and comfort, it is best to visit us to ease the tension and aches, rather than suffering and experiencing more discomfort.

Imagine walking into a calm and dimly lit treatment room.... Your therapist discusses where your concerns and aches are and invites you to smell a couple of massage oils to help find the best for your needs.

Your therapist leaves you to get ready and you melt onto the couch. It's a blissful moment even just then; nothing but the peaceful music can be heard, the flickering candle lights are in the corner of the room, and the bed is cosy. 

You therapist returns to the room and checks you're warm and comfortable enough. Perfect.

Hot mitts are covering your feet followed by relaxing stretches and pressure points. Your mind is already unwinding.

Your back is then uncovered and the warm oil applied. You're asked if the pressure is ok... Would you like it any firmer? You can feel the massage releasing the aches in the muscles. Bliss!

After your massage, your therapist ensures you have a glass of water and recommends some aftercare advice just for you. Perhaps it's a stretch to keep your back under control after your treatment. 

So worth it! Finally, your shoulders feel lower, you can move easier, and that niggling feeling has been released.

Massage is one of the most popular treatments we offer at The Reef, this is due to our therapists skills and the relaxed environment. For men and women; Deep tissue massage starts from just £35. You can book easily online (through our website or download the app) or call us on 01622 753183.

We look forward to making you feel super spritely soon...